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Beast Grips - Lifting Gloves with Premium Leather Anti-Slip Palm Grip Design - For Crossfit/Weight Lifting Support and Palm Protection


Go Beast or Go Home!

These workout gloves will make you forget about blisters, callouses, rips and tears on your hands! Keep your hands protected  so that you can perform at beast mode everyday!

Do You Even Lift Bro?

Go beyond your normal grip strength and complete more reps at a higher weight  with the ultimate weightlifting gloves, Beast Grips. Increase your reps overnight with these weightlifting hooks. 


Many weightlifters are limited by their grip strength, which prevents them from increasing their reps or the weight they use. These weightlifting hooks allow you to work beyond your grip strength, so you don't have to put your training on hold while your hands catch up. Designed to combine comfort and practicality,



Features and Benefits :


ENHANCED GRIP: Our genuine leather gloves will maintain their adherence on the   bar and will prevent your hands from sweating. No /'break in/' period required! The 4 finger holes give the glove maximum stability and prevent it from twisting on your hand

COMFORT: The 3 inch wide and 18 inch long neoprene wrist straps provide comfort and protection acting as wrist support and sweat block to keep your hands dry and your grip strong.

DurabilityPremium-grade leather boast double-stitching, with a non-slip coating, and thicker neoprene to reduce stress, wear, and tear. 


Superior Protection: Forget blisters, callouses, rips and tears on your hands! The genuine leather keep your hands protected so that you can perform at beast mode everyday!

PortableEasily pack into your gym bag and take it anywhere.


      Package Includes: 2x wrist gloves

      Product: Weight Lifting Support Gloves
      Material: Premium Leather, Cowhide